DRaaS Bridges Executive and IT Practitioner Gap in DR Practices

An IDG survey suggests IT Executives are more confident in DR capabilities than those involved with details

In a co-developed white paper with CIO.com, IT Disaster Recovery (DR) has evolved from a view of insurance to a corporate priority. However, according to an IDG survey, those removed from the implementation of DR are overconfident in their IT team’s ability to execute. To answer the disconnect, this whitepaper examines the motivations behind adopting Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to protect data assets and empower business objectives.

  • Differences in Confidence

    Executives express confidence in their firm’s DR practices, while IT implementers feel less confident
  • Contrast in Motivations

    The two groups are influenced by different challenges to formulate DR strategies

  • Similarities Around DRaaS

    DRaaS offers solutions to satisfy the values and pain points of both groups

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