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What you’ll learn:

  • Improve datacenter security and interoperability with VMware vCloud Datacenter services
  • Achieve cloud security and compliance standards
  • Securely migrate to the cloud
  • Protect and secure data in the cloud

Cloud Security

A top concern for any business, proper cloud security is essential from planning to execution of your cloud strategy. IT professionals not only need to feel comfortable personally that their Virtual Datacenter is protected against intrusion and data loss, but they also need to be able to relay that piece-of-mind to the business. Bluelock enables your Virtual Datacenter to be protected using the same methods and tools you use to protect your internal datacenter. Learn more about how to keep your cloud environment secure by reading this whitepaper.

What is cloud security?

Security in the cloud refers to a set of policies, technologies and controls that allows users to safeguard their information while utilizing cloud services. Cloud security is designed to protect individual privacy and company trade secrets in an environment where virtualization, the dynamic movement of workloads and reliance on third party providers for IT procedures stands to threaten the safety of sensitive information.

What are cloud standards?

There are currently no overarching, agreed upon cloud computing security standards. Policies often must meet federal regulations, depending on the type of information, and meet industry regulations. Federal regulations are in place to ensure that user data is secure. The Cloud Security Alliance has become a beneficial place to access more information on the topic.


Security in the Hybrid Cloud Whitepaper

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