Recovery-as-a-Service Technical Deep Dive

Simple, affordable Recovery-as-a-Service will change the way your business thinks about disaster recovery.

Legacy DR solutions required you to protect your entire infrastructure the same way, often with expensive colocation solutions. Cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service solutions allow you to prioritize your applications and protect each based on its level of importance to the business and within your required timeframe. This modernized approach to disaster recovery enables businesses to save time and money with a dynamic, self-service solution.

In this 60-minute webcast, Bluelock CTO Pat O'Day walks through a deep dive into the technology powering Bluelock's Recovery-as-a-Service solution. Included are two demonstrations of the RaaS solution to showcase how quickly and effectively RaaS works to bring your applications back online.

Learn How To:

  • Prioritize your applications for protection
  • Install a replication agent
  • Seed and migrate your data to the cloud
  • Failover your remote site and failback after a disaster
  • Test and declare
  • Budget for cloud-based DR