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The Business Case for a Cloud-Based Recovery-
as-a-Service Solution

Learn how disaster recovery technology
reduces business risk and cuts costs.

The cost of downtime to your business is higher than ever. Organizations without disaster recovery protection risk costly data and revenue loss when an adverse situation strikes. Cloud technology has catapulted DR solutions and cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service makes DR protection for applications and data cost-effective, simple and automated.

This comprehensive DR whitepaper explores the benefits and uses of cloud-based disaster recovery-as-a-service. Packed with checklists, diagrams, and research, The Business Case for a Multi-Tenant, Cloud-Based Recovery-as-a-Service Solution whitepaper will explain how to reduce business risk and cut costs using disaster recovery technology.

You’ll learn how to:

Download today, and learn how cloud-based disaster recovery can protect and recover your critical applications simply and affordably.

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