DECA Financial Services Reduces DR Costs by More Than 50% While Increasing Reliability and Simplicity

DECA Financial Services, LLC, a nationally licensed accounts receivable management company, relies on their mission-critical call center application to keep business going each day. They needed a way to guarantee that their application would recover quickly so business could keep moving forward, no matter what.

In this webcast, Bluelock CTO Pat O’Day and DECA Financial Services CIO Kevin Schoenrock will sit down for an open discussion and dig into the process DECA Financial went through evaluating their DR plan, quoting both cloud-based and traditional options and why they ultimately felt the decision to invest in Recovery-as-a-Service was “a no-brainer”.

Learn why DECA Financial is:

  • Leveraging RaaS to scale their protection with their growing business
  • Eliminating their reliability and recovery concerns with confidence
  • Meeting and exceeding compliance requirements in their RaaS environment


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