WHITEPAPER ┬╗ Choosing the Right Virtual Datacenter

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Learn how to:

  • Improve business agility and responsiveness with Bluelock Virtual Datacenters
  • Improve datacenter security and interoperability with VMware vCloud┬« Datacenter services
  • Support more business demands with tailored cloud solutions
  • Increase resource and workload flexibility

Cloud Computing Services

More and more organizations are using cloud computing services to streamline their IT practices, better manage their IT costs and achieve greater agility. Download this whitepaper to learn not only how cloud computing services can benefit you, but also how to decide what should go in the public cloud, what should stay in your private cloud and which types of Virtual Datacenters are best for your needs.

What are cloud computing services?

Cloud computing services help to optimize and protect your cloud computing infrastructure. These can be internally or externally managed and can include virtual machine backups, firewalls, load balancing, monitoring, anti-virus, operating system patching and networking. Cloud services provide infrastructure support to organizations in the cloud.

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

IaaS, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, is a cloud computing service model where providers offer web-based computing resources, both physical and virtual, on-demand. IaaS resources include virtual machines, servers, storage, load balancers, network hardware and more.


How to Choose the Right Virtual Datacenter for Your Needs.

Using multiple Virtual Datacenters for greater cloud efficiency.